Small-Group Personal Training (SGPT)

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Working with a group of people wanting to meet their fitness goals has always been fun, and a blast to facilitate. Pulling together a group of like-minded people with a focus on results and commitment under the leadership of a trained professional can literally create magic. Attainable goals are established, a plan pulled together, and accountability to taking action to crush said goals.

Here are some reasons to consider joining the small group personal training environment:

  • Semi-Personal Attention: Unlike traditional boot camps, SGPT allows for the Coach to hone in on a client and provide needed direction, correction, feedback, and instruction.
  • More economical: One on one coaching is great and provides a lot of benefits & value, but the one drawback is cost. SGPT allows for an individual to participate and be trained by a coach at a fraction of the cost.
  • Motivation & Support: Having a support system of companions by your side working to achieve a common goal can be the catalyst that propels a person to stay locked in the process of getting healthy. It’s also great to become accountable and can lead to a higher level of adherence to the training program. Greater commitment yields real results!
  • Fun: Creating an inviting and entertaining environment will create an atmosphere where you can make new friends, new opportunities, and yields an overall awesome experience. Health & fitness is serious business, but it shouldn’t be a dread. You should look forward to your investment in your health. This appointment should be a time to cope with stress and take care of yourself. Laugh sometimes, you’ll burn more calories that way!

Reach out today if your are interested in learning more about Small Group PT (Virtual or In-Person)!

LET’S RISE…together.

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