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After committing to a workout program for over a year and losing 25 lbs., COVID-19 hit, the gyms closed and I gained it all back. I quickly realized I needed to address my eating habits if I wanted lifelong health. Optavia provided the structure I needed to learn healthy habits, fuel my body every 2 1/2-3 hours and journey towards total wellbeing. The individual fuelings provide convenient nutrition and preparing one “lean and green” meal each day has taught me so much about how to take care of my body. If you’ve been struggling with weight, uncertain about how to eat properly, or need a fresh start please consider the Optavia program under JP’s coaching guidance. I’ve lost 90 lbs so far and have 40 lbs left to meet my goal weight, but it’s the non-scale victories that are most exciting. I no longer need to take blood pressure medication, a cyst and fatty liver have been completely resolved, my fibromyalgia is now managed without any medication, and I feel better overall. If you follow the program you will see sustainable results! Stop procrastinating, start your journey to wellbeing today! – Jill Porter

As an athlete, finding a personal trainer that understands your individual goals and can design programs to help you improve in your sport is a major challenge. Any trainer can tell you to pick things up and put them down, and while that may make you stronger, it won’t necessarily help you in your sport. JP is an elite athlete and dedicated physical fitness researcher, and as a result of that he understands how to design programs to make you look and perform your best on the court, field or domain of choice. JP carefully listened to me and the goals I had related to my sport (volleyball), identified shortcomings in my lifting and physical fitness and crafted a plan that has turned me into the athlete I am today. Since working with JP I have lost at least 15 pounds of fat and easily put on twice that in lean muscle. More importantly though I am faster, stronger, I jump higher, and I perform at a level I never thought I would be able to on the court. The best part is, my journey is not done, and I know that JP will help me keep achieving my goals and reaching higher levels of competition. I am in far better shape at 29 years old then I was when I was 21, and I owe it to JP and his dedication to me and my programming. As JP always tells me “Trust the system”, and I do, as that system got me to where I am today.

Benjamin Rogers

Go Hard And Trust The Process!!

We often hear this phrase “Trust The Process””
According to our flesh we want it to happen now or quickly. Not realizing that you must be sifted during this process. It’s a journey!! No matter what your process is go through the highs and lows but embrace where God has you and stay the course because it’s a process. In my case with weight, body fat, age, genetics, diabetes, hypertension, joint pain and a good meal we’re some of my issues. About 1 1/2 years ago I decided to join another gym @Retro Fitness – Catonsville, MD where I connected with some amazing coaches and classes. I decided to take things to another level and joined Team. Found myself joining challenges and winning 2nd place and most recently first place. Sidebar just competitive.

Just 6 months ago stepped up my game and really started training with JP John Porter Jr. Well much to my surprise I thought I was fit until I linked up with JP and started personal training. You could not pay me a million dollars to lift heavy weights. In my mind I was not going to bulk up so no way. Wrong on every level not realizing that lifting weights and eating clean was my turning point. With that being said I stayed the course, trusted the process and no surgery or medication to loose the fat. Hard work, dedication, determination and mindset was the formula. Oh and throw the scale far away because muscle weigh more than fat. I pray that my testimony can and will encourage you to press beyond and stay the course whatever may be your defeat. Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do so start somewhere. Happy Friday!! – Phyllis Brewer

Weighing in at 180lbs two years ago, I knew it was time to make changes in my life.  After successfully shedding 40lbs on my own, I needed

a push to help me reach man weight loss goal.  I called upon the expertise of JP.  JP immediately put me on a strength training and nutritional plan that worked wonders for me. He led me every step of the way, supported me through the ups and downs, and catapulted me over my moments of doubt. 

Because of JP, staying fit and eating clean is now my way of life and I have never been happier. He is a gifted creator who listens and delivers beyond what one might believe possible. 

I am forever grateful for the support, guidance, and knowledge JP has given me. 

JP is not only the man but an awesome personal trainer! 


Being perfectly honest, I never thought I would actually need a personal trainer, since when I was in college I used to compete as a Powerlifter. Going to the gym and lifting weights was not just something I did to be in shape, it was my hobby and a passion. But life comes around and things change, work, relationships, other hobbies, and transitions soon get in the way, and before I even knew it my priority and enthusiasm of working out dwindled. For the past couple of years I was on and off at the gym, slowly losing my desire to train, until eventually a year had gone by since the last time I had even walked inside of a gym. 


That gym happened to be Retro Fitness, and the trainer to great me the very next day was JP. I took the free training session thinking there was nothing to lose, and I probably was not going to sign up anyways, because why would I really need it anyway? Well, JP showed my why. As he did a simple assessment based on my history of training it was not only clear that I was out of shape, and had lost a lot of my strength, but it was also made evident that not just physically, but mentally as well it had been years since the last time I was pushed and challenged to go beyond what I thought I was capable of in the weight room. This experience told me that I was dealing with a trainer who could see beyond where I was and tap into the potential of who I could be, in other words JP was someone who could help me grow. 


While only 25, I have learned that when you can find someone who can help you grow, you don’t let go of those people, and soon I allowed JP to challenge not only my body, but my character as well when I stepped into the weight room. I won’t say the road has been easy, but I can proudly say that with JP’s help I have been able to grow in more ways than one, especially physically. For example, even when I was competing as a strength athlete in my prime, I was never in the best shape, sure my body fat was relatively low but I was winded every time I would walk up the stairs. Now after training with JP for just over 3 months I am almost as strong as I was in my prime, while being able to not only walk up the stairs without being winded, but run, play sports with my friends, and pick up objects around the house without having to catch my breath! I am on track to be in the best shape of my life and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon, when it comes to my goals, but also when it comes to training with JP. You see JP as my trainer doesn’t just provide me with someone who can hold me accountable, or come up with extremely well made exercise plans (which are extremely meticulous and well thought out by the way), but JP has become a friend and someone who helps inspire and motivate me, even on the days I don’t feel like it. When you find someone like that, in the weight room or in life, you stick on to them and don’t let them go, thanks again for everything that you have done for me JP!


-John Hanes

I have had the pleasure to have JP as my coach for over a month now.  I have had 4 back surgeries and a knee replacement in the past few years so I’m considered a special case due to my limitations, brought on by the surgeries.  JP is known to work well with special clients like myself!  In a few weeks, he has already been able to straighten my posture to a point that it is noticeable to those around me.  JP builds my work-out around  MY personal needs.  He pays attention to my every move during my workout, correcting me when I need it, complementing me if I finally got it right. He makes you feel like you are his only client.  I have worked with trainers before with NO results.  JP is not a trainer, he is truly my coach and I appreciate everything he has done so far and look forward to the workouts to come!

Kim Nicholson